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Tarangan Developers

Tarangan Developers is a Nagpur-based renowned real estate company, offering plots in prime locations across the city.

You can find and purchase the best plots in Nagpur for your requirements.

Our team will make sure to provide you with all the information about the property before you make your purchase.

Buy plots in Nagpur with Tarangan Developers and experience a transparent and hassle-free buying process.



The goal of Tarangan Developers is to offer individuals and families sustainable and affordable housing options. Considering this goal, investing in plots through Tarangan Developers may be advantageous. In addition to acquiring a piece of land for yourself, you also support Tarangan Developers’s goal of helping others find affordable housing by purchasing a plot from them.


Tarangan Developers’s vision is to provide individuals with the opportunity to buy plots for their dream homes. When it comes to purchasing a plot, Tarangan Developers understands the importance of location, amenities, and affordability. They strive to offer plots that are conveniently located in prime areas, ensuring easy access to schools, hospitals, and other essential facilities.


Tarangan Developers is a real estate company that believes in providing quality plots to its customers. When customers are buying plots, having faith in the developer is crucial. Tarangan Developers aims to provide transparent and trustworthy services to its customers. Find your dream plot in Nagpur with Tarangan Developers. Explore prime locations.

Core Values

Tarangan Developers’s values customer satisfaction. Customer service is given first priority, and they aim to go above and above. Their team is dedicated to assisting buyers throughout the entire process, from site visits to documentation and registration. The smooth and trouble-free experience for customers is ensured by this level of service.
Great Location

Great Location

Tarangan Developers provides great opportunities to buy plots in Nagpur in a great location. Our properties are situated in strategic locations with excellent connectivity and infrastructure. Get in touch with us today to explore our range of plots and invest in your dream property.
NMRDA Approved Layout

NMRDA Approved Layout

Tarangan Developers offers NMRDA-approved plots in one of the most NMRDA-approved locations in Nagpur. Our plots are carefully designed to offer maximum value for money. Get in touch with Tarangan Developers right away to invest in the future.
With all Amenities

With all Amenities

Tarangan Developers offers plots with all amenities in Nagpur. We have plots in residential and commercial areas, including gated communities, with access to all the necessary facilities. We make sure that you get the best experience as you buy your plot in Nagpur.

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Great Location

Parking Area

Having a play area nearby encourages outdoor play and physical activity, which is important for children’s overall development.
NMRDA Approved Layout


Having a school near your home has numerous advantages. it saves time and reduces the hassle of long commutes.
With all Amenities

Play area

Having a designated play area in your home can be a great way to encourage creativity, and physical activity for children.
With all Amenities


Having a market near your home can be incredibly convenient. It provides easy access to fresh produce, groceries, household items.


Real estate prices are now rising .. this is the right time to invest in Land, Plot or apartmenmts. Make the most of your money while you can.